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JR'S Home Health Care


In-Home Care

Contact us today to request in-home care services. We'd be happy to send over an in-home caregiver right away.

Because Elderly and Disabled Loved Ones

Deserve Nothing Less 

Giving love and care to family members is something that comes naturally to all of us. So much so that we'd always be willing to make sacrifices big and small whenever necessary.

However, we all have our limitations. Time is rarely on the side of career professionals, busy working people, or business owners. Furthermore, many of us do not have the skills nor the professional qualification to provide proper in-home care.

Clearly, taking care of the elderly and the disabled who need daily living assistance are best left in the hands of the ablest pros. This way, the infirmed or incapacitated loved ones we leave at home are assured of the assistance they need.

Bathing and Dressing

Companionship and Medication



Genuinely Devoted and Attentive Assistants

Rely on our caregivers to provide elderly or disabled loved ones with daily living assistance. As healthcare professionals, we have the skills and qualifications required for competent in-home care provision.

Please know that we go beyond mere skills and qualifications. Expect us to always do the following compassionately:

  • Attend to Patients' Concerns
  • Communicate With Empathetic Clarity
  • Ensure Patients' Well-Being

Contact us today to request in-home care services. We'd be happy to send over an in-home caregiver right away.

About Us

Established in 2019, JR'S Home Health Care serves families in counties all over Minnesota. Our company is owned and managed by Nakisha, a professional caregiver with more than 10 years of healthcare industry experience.

We also established this company after we had a loved one who needed special everyday living cares/assistance. We did not want him going to a facility. We wanted him to receive all the care he needed in the comfort of his own home. We want to share the same love and care we provided to our loved ones with the world and other families in need of a trusted, loving, caring, qualified, professional caregiver who can provide daily living assistance in the comfort of their own home.

Our Mission

To provide quality less expansive care that can be done and the comfort of your home. By qualified professional care givers.

We would love for you to meet all the loving caring staff at JR's Home health care.

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